I’ve climbed where snowy mountains rise

Sailed the mighty New York Bay

But straighter than a crow flies

I flew back home to stay


Where the sparrows and the thrushes  

Sing the songs of Hope Bayou

And the panthers roam the rushes  

Of the Okaloacoochee Slough  


My hide away at Sugar bay

Late nights off Big Torch Key

Where ripples danced their dark ballet 

And waves broke wild and free


I’ll slide through Santa Rosa Sound

Then float across Moon Lake   

Let the morning come around

And watched the sun awake



No people rushing here and there 

I threw my lists away                 

And breathed the sun-warmed, salty air

Of another barefoot day


The mackerel are a leaping        

In the Ochlockonee Bay                         

And a pelican sits sleeping 

As sunset fades to gray


I see the ghostly flowers

In the Fakahatchee Strand

I feel the summer showers

On Gulf beaches of white sand




Another flower in the sand

Planted here and here I stand

With time to love and time to play

On just another barefoot day

(music and lyrics by Mary James & Jean James)