You said it would be fun just a wild ride 
Said that we would be another Bonnie and Clyde 
And I was seventeen life had just begun 
And you were so old for barely twenty-one 
Barely twenty-one 

There’s always a fork in the road where you choose 
So we took that old highway called Nothing to Lose 
It’s a wide-open road that touches the sky 
It will leave you breathless it will leave you high 
It will leave you high 

The roar of the engine, the sun’s burning glare 
The feel of the wind rushing through my hair 
And seeing you smile like the Devil May Care 
Leaves me breathless 
Leaves me breathless 

It started as simple as a moth to a flame 
You had a hunger for the wrong kind of fame 
And I was too young or too blind to see 
Doing things wrong doesn’t make you free 
We were never free 

So easy to become that thing that you hate 
To blame it on people to blame it on fate 
Why did we give in to those demons inside? 
We had the road before us why didn’t we ride? 
Why didn’t we ride? 

The touch of your hand on my sunburnt skin 
There’s no way out now no way we can win 
And praying to God to forgive all our sin 
Leaves me breathless 
Leaves me breathless 

You said it would be fun, you said it would be wild 
This wide-open highway and this wide-eyed child 
But trying not to pay for mistakes in your life 
Is like trying not to bleed when your cut by a knife 
Cut by a knife 

So Bonnie and Clyde turned out to be fools 
Didn’t care who they hurt when they broke all the rules 
And I should have seen it coming, the guns and fast cars 
With blue lights shining brighter than the stars 
Brighter than the stars 

The force of the impact the sirens squeal 
The cold bite of glass and merciless steel 
We played our best hand now it’s the devil’s deal 
And seeing you now hunched over the wheel 
So cold and breathless 
Oh, it leaves me breathless 

(music and lyrics by Mary James)