Are you ready to go? Booked a 4 hour show

Just twelve hundred miles away

Gotta start now, or soon anyhow

To arrive in a night and a day


The gear has weight, shouldn’t hesitate        

Cause the tires could go flat any minute 

Hope the car don’t start to fall apart

If it does, then I hope we’re not in it



Oh it’s great to be a touring musician

Like going on a top-secret mission

Will we die on the way? Will there be any pay?

Will there be any recognition?           


Wow, the grade descent is 9 percent            

Or so that road sign said

Engine purring, eyes a blurring

But the road looks clear ahead


We’re really rolling, glad no one’s patrolling                         

Don’t need any speeding fines    

Finally, at last, going so fast                                       

Can’t even read the road signs




Was that a “Watch for rock?,” or “roadblock?”         

It’s hard to read when you’re flying?

I’m choking, brakes are smoking

But at least no one is dying


That last detour saved us for sure

That mountain really helped us to stop

But I’ve had my fill of driving uphill   

And I’m glad we’ve reached the top




“Bridge out, use alternate route”

But I can see it down below                                       

The bridge is there, just needs repair            

I can leap the gap if I go 




The hole in the place where there should be a brace

Doesn’t look so very wide                                          

Ten … twenty feet of missing concrete

And plenty of room to slide 


With the downward slope and a lot of hope

And our seatbelts looped and tied

We won’t be late for this booking date                                 

I’ll see you on the other side




Music and Lyrics by Mary James & Jean James