Casting Stones

Do we close our curtains when we hear our neighbor call
So we won’t see him suffer when his backs to the wall?
Do we sit back silent and watch a brother fall?
Do we love so little, we are no friend at all?

Chorus 1:
Do we look right past him
Tell him life’s a glass thing
Prone to shatter, full of vast unknowns
Where we pay for every last thing
And retribution’s fast sting
Comes from hands forever casting stones

Do we cut and condemn and never comprehend
That trust can turn into a dividend
And love will leave you richer in the end
Or do we love so little, we are no true friend

Chorus 2:
Is it easier to blast him
And spend our time forecasting
That he’ll, no doubt, lose everything he owns
We remember every past thing
Our memory’s everlasting
And so we are forever casting stones

When he looks on luck, do we have to have it
When he bends his back do we reach to stab it
If he has a little hope do we always grab it
And drag him down, like a hound on a rabbit

Chorus 1

music and lyrics by Mary James & Jean James