This summer sun is hot and I've given all I've got

I'm tired of all this work and no play

Baby, I've been toiling and my gypsy blood is boiling

It's time you and I just ran away


So come on over here and put those sweet lips on my ear 

Tell me all the things you're dreaming of

And we'll walk right out of this room to a place where flowers bloom

And do all the things you do when you're in love



Cause everywhere I am you otta be

So come on, come along, come away with me

I've got a notion to lie in the ocean

We can hold hands while we face the sky

And watch the clouds roll by


There’s a story that I know about a Juliet and Romeo

But, Baby, that won’t happen to us

Because I gotta beat-up car, and if that don’t get us far

We can always take the Greyhound bus


So don’t look at me that way, I know you want to play

And to work our lives away would be a crime

So put your arm around my waist and your face against my face

And I will dance you till the end of time




Music and Lyrics by Mary James