She did so well, so very well, and did without so long

She trusted in her skill, she thought she was strong

But she grew tired of feeling so beat down

And she recalled the time she owned a cranberry gown


Maybe it was the time to buy something cheery       

A dress so sublime it could make her feel less weary

Like that cranberry gown, the one she had before

Just dreaming of it made her dance across the floor



Oh, what a color, to make people stare

It made walking on earth feel like dancing on air

And she outshone the star of the County Down

When she stepped out in her cranberry gown 


She did so well, so very well, when life had knocked her down

Along the way she had to sell her beautiful gown

But now she was marching through the Thrifty Saver’s door

To find herself a dress like the one she once wore


She searched displays and long racks, though dresses of black and brown

Through stacks and stacks of shapeless sacks, she found a rumpled gown

It was just her size and just the right flavor

She was wearing that dress when she left the Thrifty Saver



… There she goes, the prettiest girl in town

Stepping out in her cranberry gown


She swayed and swirled through the hustle and bustle

And when she twirled the gown gave such a rustle

If dresses could speak, it’d say “don’t we look fine”

And she’d answer it back, “We look simply divine.”


Now whenever she goes out into the world today 

To work or to walk about, or just to play 

In everyday clothes of maybe black or brown 

Her heart is still wearing the cranberry gown




Music and Lryics by Mary James & Jean James