Fields of Glory

The chapel on the hill is ringing out a call
It’s saying all you sinner’s come or get ready for a fall
I’ll be there in a faded dress but I’ll be looking sweet
And there won’t be a soul who’ll care there’s no shoes on my feet

Up the mountain of fury
Cross the river of fear
Down the valley of the shadow
I’ll be running like a deer
When I come to the end
Of life’s great story
I will walk barefoot
Through the fields of glory

I was born a simple girl and a simple life I lead
And there’s not too many folks around who can say that’s all they need
Don’t mean to brag about the peaceful, simple life I choose
But the roads don’t seem so rough when you’re not wearing high-heeled shoes


Now they say that River Jordan is too long a swim to dare
But they used to say our sins were just too big a cross to bear
And you know you’re bound to wander down a dusty winding road
So the more you give, the less you have, the lighter your load


lyrics & music: Mary James