Hell Is Naked

I listen to the night talk, sometimes it is very wise

Tonight like an alarm clock it cried out to me, arise

I’m awake does anybody hear, is anyone awake at all?

Came a voice, a voice of fear, find me now, I fall, I fall, I fall


The night pressed down around me, wrapped its chill about my head

Could nobody at all foresee the darker work ahead

A haunting voice, a hazy tryst, they felt so unrelated

Until I saw what first I’d missed – hell stood before me, naked



For destruction wears a thundercloud, deceit dress in white

Death hides in a misty shroud, despair is cloaked in light

But in this world where nothing’s sacred, nothing’s sacred, nothing’s right

Hell stands boldly naked, hell is naked tonight


I will search this desolation till I find what I have lost

And bring back the confirmation though I pay the steepest cost

Resolutely stated, I will find what I must find

If hell stands before me naked, I’ll fight blind


It’s not what you hear in the silence, or what you see in the dark

Or from the touch of violence, it’s that final punctuation mark

The masquerade’s vacated by each player in disguise

And only hell stands naked, hell is naked to all eyes




By Mary James & Jean James