I Face Somewhere

Oh my heart is thumping and my blood is pumping

And my knees keep bumping when I try to walk straight

And my vision gets blurry every time I try to hurry

Like a green, sweet sixteen, on the scene, of a first-time date


I hear people shouting, and others are pouting

While I stand here doubting, where to go or what to do

This “somewhere” of extremes, is not the “somewhere” of my dreams

La La Land, on demand, sure looks grand, but the dream’s not true




No stranger to warfare, felt the danger and I took the dare

Any day, any scare, any way, anywhere - it’s true

Now I walk a wire that leads nowhere, face a fire beyond compare

Make a play, make a prayer, every day, everywhere - for you


Through endless years, to stem the tide, I faced my fears, I faced my pride

I tried and I cried and I died inside – it’s true

Until today with soul laid bare and hell to pay, I face somewhere

I face somewhere for you



I’ve been misunderstood, and there’s no likelihood

I will leave Hollywood, with a movie star name

Just trying to survive, in the bargain stay alive

Hunkered down, like a clown, uptown, on the backstreet of fame


Guess I haven’t learned yet, that on any movie set

If you say you’re brunette, then you should have been blond

If you’re sleeping in your car, just remember who you are

No regret, just forget, all your debt, or the clothes you pawned




By Mary James & Jean James