I've Been Down

I’ve been down like a sparrow on the ground
I’ve been lost on a river that won’t flow
I’ve been hurt, I’ve been weeping sad and lonely
For some loving arms to hold me
I’ve been down but not that low

I lost my home, I have no pillow
I make my bed under the willow
An old wool coat hung o’er my shoulder
The nights are long and getting colder
Oh I’ve been down, I’ve been down

You tell jokes and you have dinner
But so does every poor born sinner
You have fame and you have money
Enough to buy you sugar and honey
Lay your money down, lay your money down


My shirts too big my boots are battered
My skirts too long it’s worn and tattered
I ain’t got no fine clothes for Sunday
And I’ll look just as poor on Monday
Oh I’ve been down, I’ve been down

You have everything folks desire
You have anyone you want for hire
So you think I will wear your red gown
If you lay your money down
Lay your money, lay your money down


lyrics & music: Mary James