Cindy climbed an apple tree like a work of art 
If all men were apple pies she could have them a la carte 

She jumped into his arms that’s where it all began 
Swore he was the prettiest thing that ever was a mortal man 

Get along home, Cindy, Cindy 
Get along home, Cindy child 
Get along home, Cindy, Cindy 
You know you’re just too wild 

She took him to her front porch and handed him a broom 
When she saw him sweep that floor she took him straight to the bedroom 

She handed him her clothes, she handed him the sheet 
Then took him to the laundry room and said, “Cold wash and high heat.” 


He asked her to dance, she asked him, “What for?” 
But when she heard that music play, she was the first one on the floor 

Her feet battered the floorboards like good ol’ fish and chips 
And when she heard that ol’ banjo, she really swayed her hips 


(music and lyrics by Mary James & Jean James)