Low Side of Town

I danced all night
With the farmer in the dell
On the high side of heaven
Near the hot side of hell
But the farmer took a wife
The wife took the chance
Cut the cards with a knife
And I’m left to dance—on the low side of town

On the pushed side of shove
On the inside of out
On the left side of love
On the sure side of doubt
On the wrong side of right
On the steep side of down
On the long side of night
On the low side of town—the low-ow-ow, side of town

Spend my days in a daze
But night after night
Walk through streets like a maze
Stay amazed till daylight
Hi-ho, the derry-o
I’ve watched love go round
Never learned to be wary, so
I’m still dancing ‘em down—on the low side of town

Pass the farmer, now cryin’
Drinking memories down
Pass the farmer’s wife sighin’
Wearin’ yesterday’s gown
Like three blind mice
Once more on our own
We’ve left paradise
And all stand alone—on the low side of town

music and lyrics by Mary James & Jean James