Here I stand, in no man’s land, drear and stark and dead

Contrariwise, these merry eyes, see blue skies overhead

All is Bleak, so very bleak 

In this land of grim mystique 


Empty spaces, harsh places, send a wistful plea

Like someone near, someone dear, calling out to me

And the wind wails its desire 

And it’s hungry, hungry like a fire – like a wildfire



I’m full of fight, here I stand   

I’m doing alright in No Man’s Land

I’m full of fight, here I stand   

Doing alright in No Man’s Land


With Blinders gone, I look upon, this mystic land of strife

This open door, to the ground floor, of rough and restless life

I looked up at the sky once more

Had it ever been so blue before 


Birds fly, shadows rush by, there’s movement behind each stone 

I’m lonely in name only, for I’ve never been alone

All the earth is fierce and alive

And it’s hungry, hungry to thrive, to survive




Endless rocks, endless knocks, endless shifting sand

The sun’s ablaze, no shady ways, but still, I understand

I understand this No Man’s Land




Music and Lyrics by Mary James & Jean James