One Last Dance

Those blue eyes that shined all over my world
Somehow seem to have lost their light
And those lips they don’t seem to smile anymore
Not even when I’m holding him tight
I’m no good on the phone and I’m no good all alone
I need to be close to his heart
But I’m no good for him now and he keeps telling me how
He’s desperate for a brand new start

Lord help me I’m falling like a burnt out star
That’s kissed the moon goodbye
This is the last time I’ll shine in the night
The last time you’ll see me cry
I’ve tossed away flowers and found love again
But this time there’s no second chance
Don’t want no other boy to love again
Just want a dozen blue roses and one last dance

Where am I now, where was I before
I can’t even remember my life
He’s been my world for such a long time
Leaving him cuts like a knife
I still feel like a child, and my heart still runs wild
Like a river without any end
But he don’t love this child or this heart rough and wild
And it’s too late to begin again


music & lyrics: Mary James