Some men are cowards and some men are brave

Some share their secrets, some take them to their grave

Some walk in sunlight, some hide in shadows

But they all love Penelope Rose


He came from Baton Rouge working on a case

A law man, a good man, who lived for the chase

A picture of a woman in a red cotton dress

Had been a dead man’s last caress



He stared at that picture and drunk it in like gin

She had the eyes that could make a good man sin

He’d memorize that woman from her head to her toes

And he’d dream about Penelope Rose


For 10 lonely years he’s worked homicide

Turning his back would be justified

But he’s tangled in a web of cases he can’t close

All tied to Penelope Rose


They call her the woman with the rose tattoo

In New Orleans she goes by Penny LaRue

He’d know her anywhere, any name, any clothes

He’ll find his Penelope Rose



He’ll uncover every secret in Louisian’

They say he’s a genius - always gets his man

Or maybe a mad man chasing shadows

And he’s in love with Penelope Rose



Some say they’ve seen her in New Orleans

Some say they ‘ve seen her on a movie screen

He see’s a ghost when the warm wind blows

That looks like Penelope Rose


Music and Lyrics by Mary James