Pink Carousel

There’s a little red dress hanging over a chair
I might wear tonight if you’ll take me somewhere
But you better look tough and sexy to boot
Wear your best southern smile and your tight denim suit

Take me to church, take me to a dance
Don’t take me for granted, take me to France
Take me where the wind blows wild and free
Take, take, take, take—take me

We keep on spinning around and around
Trying to catch up with what we’ve found
And where it all stops no one can tell
Love is like a pink carousel

Way back in the woods in Tennessee
There’s a beehive hanging from and old oak tree
You are the honey, honey, I am the bee
And it sure can get hot in Tennessee

When you’re running to me, just run, don’t wal
When you’re kissing me, just kiss don’t talk
Don’t talk and kiss, don’t kiss and run
Just kiss-ah, kiss-ah, kiss-ah, kiss-ah—kiss-ah me hon’


music & lyrics: Mary James