I’m a little undone but I won’t complain 
Thought I lost what I won and I’ve searched in vain 
For a little more fun and a little less pain 
A little more sun and a little less rain 

I came to play but I couldn’t begin it 
It became a day with no laughter in it 
My sky turned gray, I had reached a limit 
And I lost my way in less than a minute 

CHORUS: I Came a long way for a rainy day 
I came a long, long way for a rainy day 

Weather tossed, half insane 
My bridge is crossed, I’ve broke my chain 
I’ll pay the cost, though I still remain 
Just a lady lost standing in the rain 

My life on hold, soaked to the bone 
All wet and cold and all alone 
Dreams grown old, hopes all flown 
The coldest cold, I’ve ever known 


I’ve nothing to say, to lose, to gain 
All swept away in a hurricane 
Guess I’ll be ok and I won’t complain 
But I came a long way for rain – just rain 


(music and lyrics by M. James & J. James)