Rough Road Ahead

If you’ve got the will, don’t sit still
Just ride that thrill right up the hill
Before you’re dead, when the weak have fled
You will tread the rough road ahead

The half-hearted getter and the faint-hearted quitter
Both sit in the gutter and both agree
They moan and they mutter and utter so bitter
So double-dipped down they’ll never get free

Locked out, knocked out, feet up like a beat pup
Ride to your ruin in an old rockin’ chair
Rock till you’re clocked out, eat your defeat up
Slide some more glue in, ‘cause you ain’t got a prayer

Don’t let the dawn’s light break upon a lost fight
You gotta get freed from life’s stampede
Goin’ on, on and on, going, going, going, gone
Gotta take the lead at breakneck speed

Zig-zag a tail spinner, don’t brag before dinner
Last to the last and show what you know
Not a rag-tag beginner but an in-the-bag winner
Goin’ too fast and can’t find slow


music and lyrics by Mary James & Jean James