Wakin’ up, getting’ up, finally made my mind up

Life ain’t worth the savin’ if there’s nothin’ to save

Time to pick, the pieces up, or I will surely wind up

Tendin’ wilted daisies on a dream’s cold grave


I don't want to be just rumbling thunder

I don't want to be just a shot in the dark

A third class wonder going down, going under

A dog afraid to bark 



I’m gonna put on my seven-league shoes 

Stretch my legs and run 

No time, no time to lose 

Only time to get it done 

So I’ll run, until I fall 

Then pick myself up again 

I’ll tough it out, that’s all 

Just to run, run, run is to win


Dressed up, showed up, haven’t time to wait up

Boldly going now where I’ve never been before

Runnin’ for the gold cup, gonna win it straight up 

One way ticket to a town called More 


Cause I learned my lesson a long time ago

If you wanna take the lead then you gotta run fast

You can’t go slow, gotta giddy up go

Or you will come in last




Music and Lyrics by Mary James & Jean James