art by jeffrey donato

Sugar Creek Mountain

 High and handsome stands the peak
Stands the mountain of Sugar Creek
Home of sassy bees and sexy knees
And possums swingin’ on sycamore trees

You can sit and stare at nothin’ in particular
Sit and dream where life’s perpendicular
Sky and trees and rocks and ground
All up and down and all around

(1st Chorus)
You’re home little gal so do-si-do
Round Sugar Creek Mountain and don’t be slow
Four steps back and better be countin’
Or you’ll step off ol’ Sugar Creek Mountain

Wait for the wisdom that wind will bring
Learn how to live and love and sing
Breathe in deep and feel the burnin’
Deeper than life and deeper than learnin’

Wild sweet notes from a wild sweet throat
Echoing songs that never been wrote
Wild and sweet like a sugar cane treat
Dance the fellas right off their feet

(1st Chorus): You’re home little . . . . .
(2nd Chorus):
With feet a prancin’ and yo’ blood a dancing
Eyes a glancin’ while yo’ heart’s romancin’
Swing to the music of that clear sweet fountain
That slides down the side of Sugar Creek Mountain

You can’t get to heaven if you push and shove
Just promenade the one you love
Oh by Joe and oh by gee
Don’t look at her when you dance with me

Dive through the middle, don’t shove or push
Keep goin’ round the mulberry bush
Oh by gosh and oh by Joe
This may be the last time, I don’t know

(1st CHORUS) You’re home little . . . . . . . .


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