Trumbull County Antique Tractor Show

I found my love in Trumbull County
At the antique tractor show
He stole my heart in Trumbull County
Now I’ll never let him go
Took a peek, couldn’t speak, his physique, his mystique did something to my brain
Sex appeal, strong as steel, can’t conceal, how I feel, he drove me near insane
It was there, in the air, in his stare, in his dare, like a lonesome bird of prey
Like a choir, singing higher, all afire, with desire, he won my heart away
We’ll meet tonight, hush-hush slyly
At the antique tractor show
We’ve made our plans now, wise and wily
We’ll slip away no one will know

Cause tonight, is a night, for a moonlight flight and the path ahead is ours
In amaze, in a haze, runaways in a daze, we hid beneath the stars
It was fate, pure fate, couldn’t wait, couldn’t wait, this moment unsurpassed
Had the stuff, tender tough, sure enough, sure enough, I’d found true love at last              
That was the night I snitched a tractor
From the antique tractor show
And this morning I’ll go back for
One more look before I go

Oh no, there’s my beau, in a row, for the show and I was almost late
Well endowed, engine loud, running proud for the crowd, truly my soul mate
On he came, eyes aflame, rugged frame, just the same, he is my tractor true
And I know, and I know, and I know, and I know this tractor loves me too 
If you stop here in Trumbull County
Take one more look before you go
You just might find a love worth keepin’
At an antique tractor show


 …at the Trumbull County Antique Tractor Show

Song by Mary James & Jean James