I am so accommodating, always waiting, waiting, waiting     

Trying to look very wise          

Should I hurry, hurry, hurry, or just worry, worry, worry

And stay behind while others catch the prize?                                  


I’m sleepless in a cheap dress – feeling kinda small

Waiting for the rain to fall – to fall       

I’m still afraid of daring, so please don’t call  

I’m sitting in the corner like a rag doll                                     



I am always hesitating, always waiting, waiting, waiting   

Waiting for those blue, blue skies

But the sky look so gigantic that I panic, panic, panic

To wonder what befalls the one who tries – and tries     


Now I’m cheerful but I’m fearful of the – long haul                        

Will my long, long path end in a – brick wall

I am burning to be learning – how to crawl                                  

To roll with the punches like a – beach ball



I removed my armor plating, cause I’m getting tired of waiting      

And my soul can’t feed on sighs                                                 

The sun is rising higher, like a golden ball of fire

And lighting up my dreams before my eyes – before my eyes  


Now I’m restless in my best dress walking tall                             

The breezes are all whispering “last call”                        

Unsteady but I’m ready, because I recall                                      

Times when I never really tried at all                               



Oh, my heart is palpitating, no more waiting, waiting, waiting

The ground beneath me cries                                        

Better hurry, hurry, hurry, I’ll be leaving in a flurry

Who wises up soon rises up and flies – oh flies  


I am so accommodating, but I’m through with waiting, waiting, waiting


Music and Lyrics by Mary James & Jean James