I know a place where the wild dreams race

Far away from disbelievers

Where hearts are unbound from the merry go round 

Of liars, cheats, and deceivers 


There once was a time the world seemed to rhyme

But now there’s just today

So let time disappear and I’ll watch you here

Where all the wild dreams play



I’ll keep you here in the notes of this song

You can run free where you belong

You’ll see the unseen and the great unknown

You’ll never be lost or alone

Time will never keep pace

When you and the wild dreams race


I know a place that defies time and space     

We ride the storms at night

We share the dare, we share the air

We share the same moonlight        


I hear music, such joyful music   

As delicate as lace

But it’s strong and it echoes on and on and on

In this place where the wild dreams race   




Music and Lyrics by Mary James & Jean James