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(This is a RE-RELEASE of the first published novel by Jean James & Mary James. )

It is brilliantly written with a plot that moves carefully and conclusively”

— Reader's Favorite

High in the mountains of Mexico the fragrance of wood smoke and the sounds of a fiesta come gently to ANNE SUMNER on midnight breezes. Laughter floats on the air – laughter she brought to the destitute Indian village. She walks the roughness of Tutlu’s new dirt runway, thankful that pilot, JIM ORR, can land his plane there and bring new prosperity for her mission.


But a mysterious calamity puts Tutlu’s prosperity on hold while Jim flies an unconscious Anne back to her hometown of Houston. She awakes to an unkind world where every breath is effort, every memory pain, and facing a new day the most difficult task of all. Only when she finds her beloved villagers drenched in the wake of billion-dollar corporate ambition and Jim being used as the corporation’s scapegoat, does she rise above her new frailty and pit herself against the enemy with all her old will and faith.


SPARROW ALONE ON THE HOUSETOP is the tale of a village’s struggle to rise above oppression and poverty. It’s the account of a daring pilot who flies into a woman’s life and knows he’s never attempted such heights. It’s the story of one woman’s heroic fight to save them all.

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