From the recording Cold (for radio and media use)


On the last night of summer, I felt like a mummer
Parading myself across the bright stage
My smile was a mask so that no one would ask
If the tears in my eyes were from sadness or rage

Slow dancers were clinging, I could hear myself singing
Words that were meant to be sweet on the tongue
But they tasted like ash so I sang for the cash
That was promised to me when this torture was done

CHORUS 1: I fell into the music, I fell into the music
It happened that quick like a magic trick
I fell into the music

There were twenty four wines, ladies dressed to the nines
People to revel and people to serve
A grand summer ball, but it all seemed so small
From the stage high above I could only observe

Then I saw him stand there just beyond the grandeur
Of the ornamentation and the dazzling sights
A contrast in starkness, brightness to darkness
Like he reached out his hand and turned off the lights

CHORUS 2: I fell into the night, I fell into the night
So far from the light and the smiles polite
I fell into the night

On the faint scent of jasmine came something that had been
A memory hidden in the dark of my soul
A night in the past that the days can’t outlast
And dark eyes that burned like embers of coal

Was I dreaming his face or was he here in this place
Just a flicker away from the party light’s glow
Was he here in disguise or a trick of my eyes
A man, a dream, or just a shadow


He moved through the crowd, wore the night like a shroud
As they cheered and applauded my last curtain call
Then the crowd seemed to sway and he faded away
On this last night of summer before the fall

(music and lyrics by M. James)