From the recording Cold

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(M. James, J. James)

With the breeze against my back I set sail
A guest of honor on this pavement trail
A sacred sanctuary all my own
But it’s infinitely sad to walk alone

Somewhere there’s a friend I used to know
And dreams that dreamed so vivid, long ago
Where windows weren’t all buried in their dust
And street signs didn’t flaunt their news in rust

I hug my jacket close and freeze
In this sad November breeze
I'm feeling just as naked as the trees
In this sad November breeze

My thoughts unspoken melt into the air
And join the song of autumn like a prayer
My footsteps sound across the concrete stone
And the echo of their beat says I’m alone

I think I hear the leaves sing as they fall
Like I think I hear you answer when I call
I see your tears float down the gutter stream
Your reflection in a broken bottle’s gleam


If I could have you one last night to hold
I'd sleep on your sleeve and never be cold
Then my troubled mind would be at ease
In this sad November
In this sad November breeze