From the recording Cold

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On a midnight dreary
While I pondered weak and weary
There came a gentle rapping
A subtle tapping at my door

I distinctly remember
It was a bleak December
I rose from my chair, excepting you there
But no hide or hair, just a mockingbird

CHORUS: Tap, tap, tapping at my door
This love will never be the way it was before
It’s all come down to one last word
Nevermore, quoth the mockingbird

He stood there lost and lonely
And spoke that one word only
So I found my way back to my couch
To sit and slouch once more

But the silence had been broken
By that word so aptly spoken
So I threw a cushioned chair, ran my fingers through my hair
With that mockingbird still there, still sitting at my door


Listen to the Mockingbird
Listen to the Mockingbird
Listen to the Mockingbird