From the recording Cold

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(M. James, J. James)

Once upon a long time ago
He found April dancing in the snow
Moving gracefully without any care
Winter flowers in her long blonde hair

She took him sliding across a lake of ice
She smelt of springtime breeze and cinnamon spice
As she moved close he felt the warmth of her skin
And he forgot the frozen water was thin

CHORUS: Sing him a song about a sad November
Tell him a story about a hot July
Though he tries to move on he can’t help but remember
Things like flowers in long hair and April in December

April gave him her fresh kiss of spring
Then she laughed just like a wild thing
Started spinning across the frost covered blue
Before he knew it they were falling through

He woke up in a bed of snow
How he got there he’ll never know
All he was left with was a cold heartache
And winter flowers floating on a lake


Winter flies and April appears
Every night he drowns himself in his tears
Cinnamon spice changes to springtime air
But April ain’t April if April ain’t there